The Edge of Reason

The Escape from Sidrat tower

The Opening Act

Our heroes have been hired to track down a traitor for a crime family. Inside the Sidrat building, a front for Black Sun, they find a terminal with the data they require. Looking between themselves, they realize they don’t have an accomplished slicer on hand. Making do with the knowledge they have, they grab the data and trip an alarm. It’s time to run and just get out with the information they need. Leaving the tower behind, they hop into their borrowed speeder and take off with pursuit hot behind them.

Grabow: X! Slow the speeder down a bit! I’m gonna board them!

Matwe, Sinoca: You’re gonna what?!

X – Droid pilot: Are you sure that’s a wise decision, sir?

Grabow: Just do it!

X – Droid Pilot: As you wish sir…

Sinoca: Are you kidding me?! Don’t slow down for him!

As the blaster fire intensifies, a random shot meant for Matwe hits X accelerating and bouncing the speeder uncontrollably. Sinoca pushes X out of the way and climbs into the driver seat bringing the speeder under control. Grabbing X, Grabow screams at Sinoca.

Grabow: Slow it down!

Matwe: NO! Speed up!

Grabow: Slow it down so I can board them!

Matwe, Sinoca: You’re insane! No!

Grabow throws X out behind the speeder at their pursuers and miraculously hits one of their pursuers who shies away from the droid, blasting the controls to his own speeder by accident. As they struggle to regain control of their speeder, Sinoca crashes his speeder into the ground at a nearby market. Climbing out of the ruined speeder, our heroes scatter and make their ways into the crowd hiding themselves from their Black Sun pursuers. After a few minutes of hiding and sinoca stealing from vendors, they get a coded signal telling them to gather for pickup. Meeting up with a Bothan, the group gets out of the marketplace and hitches a ride to a safehouse.



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