The Edge of Reason

Let's Find Us a Cheat! Pt.2

Matwe: So how are we getting into the tower at this hour? It’s well after any normal office hours and since it’s a Black Sun tower, they probably have armed guards that’ll shoot first and ask questions later.

Sinoca: We’ll just pose as some cleaners and get them to open up the offices for us.

Grabow: That’s a brilliant plan. We’ll be cleaners from some random company and show up without cleaning supplies…

Sinoca: What? We’ll just tell them that we were told not to bring anything in and to just use their supplies. They can be paranoid enough to request we not bring anything in.

Matwe: This is so not gonna work…

Sinoca: It’ll work. Look, the loading dock is still open and a few people are finishing up it looks like. I’ll bet you they aren’t even armed and we can just show up there with that excuse.

Pulling up to the side of the loading dock, the group climbs out of the speeder.

Grabow: Who the hell’s ever seen a Wookiee cleaner?

Sinoca: Shut it. This’ll work. Hey guys!

Worker: What do you need? Building’s closed for the day.

Sinoca: Oh well. We got a call from our office to come here and clean up some mess.

Worker: Mess? What mess?

Sinoca: I don’t know. They’re always really vague about these instructions. Mat, you talked to the office. What’d they say?

Matwe: Umm… That we were supposed to come clean up some giant mess in whats-his-names office at the Zelcomm Tower.

Worker: You don’t even have any cleaning supplies

Matwe: Um…. We’re supposed to use the building’s supplies?

Worker: That’s just messed up. I don’t wanna know… Go to the desk at the front. I’m sure they’ll know which office…

Leaving the dock, Sinoca grins at the group.

Sinoca: See? Told you.

Grabow: Who the hell’s ever heard of a wookiee cleaner…?

Matwe: We’re not out of this yet. We still don’t know where to go or who we’re actually looking for. I mean, are we seriously just going to walk up to them and say, “We’re here to clean the Falleen’s room?”

Sinoca: Yes… Maybe… We’ll see what happens. Or better yet, we’ll just find our own way up the tower and hopefully just find the Falleen’s office or room.

20 minutes later…

Matwe: So far we’ve found a kitchen, a cafeteria, a private garage, a cleaning closet and the lobby which is filled with guards.

Sinoca: Shut it, Matwe. You’re just going to have to bluff the guard.

Matwe: Me?

Sinoca: Well no one believes anything I say and the odds are generally against people understanding Grabow… So yeah, you. And grab a cleaning cart from the closet.

Matwe: This is so not going to end well…

Entering the lobby, the guard at the desk is typing away on the terminal and doesn’t notice the group. Looking at each other, Sinoca motions for Matwe to talk to the guard on duty. Grabow points at the two guards posted outside the lobby. Shrugging, Sinoca pushes Matwe forward into the guard’s view.

Security Guard: Uh… Can I help you? The office is closed.

Matwe: Uh yeah, we were told to come clean up a mess in whats-his-name’s office.

Security Guard: Whats-his-name…

Matwe: Yeah, some name we’re not able to really pronounce and I left my datapad behind with the spelling.

Security Guard: I see… Well let me put in a call and get you sorted out.

Matwe: Thanks!

Grabbing his comlink, the security guard turns away from Matwe.

Security Guard: Need an escort for three people to D3D.

Smiling, Sinoca turns and gives a thumbs up to Grabow. Suddenly, the security guard ducks behind his desk and blaster fire erupts from the main entrance.


Turning around, Matwe draws his two blasters and starts shooting back, while Grabow grabs the cleaning cart and charges the two guards.



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